Preference: Teasing Sex (Dirty)

Niall: “Niall,” You groaned, sinking into your seat. “This is so boring.” You eyes stared at the traffic. “I know, I hate it..” Niall sighed, gripping onto the wheel. “I just wanna go home.” You sighed also, bored than you ever been. Then, an idea comes to your mind, you smirk. Slowly, you unbuckle your seatbelt and crawled to Niall, whispered in his ear,”You know what am I in the mood for?” Niall’s eyes widen, he bited his lips, shuffled around his seat. “W-what?” You began to tease him by giving kisses on his neck and sucking on it slowly. "Y/N.." He whispered, trying not to moan. "D-don’t tease-e.." You can see his erection growing..

Zayn: “Babe, all you do it watch soccer games all day.” You sighed, flopping on the sofa next to him, he smiled at you. “It’s England vs Italy! It’s a great game, come on, watch it.” “I don’t wanna watch mens running around with their sweaty ballsack.” You laughed, causing Zayn to laugh before his eyes went back to the t.v. Suddenly, you get an idea. “Why don’t we have some fun?” You say, crawling to him. Zayn eyebrow rose and smirked. "Why not?" Quickly, your lips smashed into his, getting rougher and hungier every second. You began to crawl on top of him as you slided your hands under his shirt ; feeling his toned abs..

Harry: “So, basically, that’s how Y/N and I met.” Harry smiled at the interviewer, then at you. You were at one of his interview, you were sitting at the back of the room, on the chair ; you gaved him a sweet smile back. “How lovely, It seems that we’re out of time, thank you for coming today!” The interviewer smiled at the camera. “And we’re clear.” The camera guy says, sharply. Everyone was busy packing up as you made it your way to Harry. He pulled you onto his lap. “Sorry for keeping you bored back there.” He whispered in your ear, giving one simple kiss on your neck. You giggled. “It’s alright.” "But," He whispered, he stared at you with his eyes full of lust. "You won’t be when we get home, baby.."

Liam: You fluttered your eyes opened, finding you in bed, with Liam by your side. (with clothes on,but not for long.c;) “Y/N? You awake?” He smiled, pulling you closer to him, my his arms hooked around your waist. You chukled. “Yeah.” “Good night sleep?” You nodded, and looked up at him, giving him a kiss. However, the kiss started into a make out, which deepen and got hotter very second. He was now ontop of you, but pulled away, and whispered,”Y/N, are you sure?” You smiled and nodded. “Yes.” Then, you both go back into the hungry make out, his hands are crawling under your shirt..

Louis: “Im so tired of walking,” You sighed, quickly throwing yourself on the bed when you entered the bedroom. “Finallyyy homeee..” You hear Louis laughing, behind you, also entering the room. “Sorry babe, I didn’t know the photoshoot was going to be that long..” You lift your head up, facing him. “It’s alright, you looked pretty damn sexy by the way.” You smirked, his eyebrow rasied at your remark. “Oh really?” He licks his lips, slowly walking over to you, putting his hands around your waist. You chuckled. “Mmhm.” Then, slowly, he began to give kisses on your neck, with turn onto sucking. You closed your eyes and bited your lips ; you moaned out, "Louis.."

Okay so that was part 1 :3  party 2 is going to be really dirty~ (;

I’m teasing you guys, I’m not sure when I’ll post part 2, but soon ;D

Tell me if you want part two~

I am terrible at titles, by the way, haha.